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Crafting a new trail or re-imagining and existing one is not easy. Be it hiking, equestrian, mtn. bike, interpretive, or Off Highway Vehicle trail. How do you start the project? What resources do we need? I’m Cam Lockwood, Executive Officer of Trails Unlimited, and we have over 45 years of experience helping public and private agencies in sustainable trail planning, design, layout, and construction of non-motorized and motorized trail management. Let us help you get your trail from a mere idea to reality.

Innovative Hiking Trail Consultants

Since 1988, Trails Unlimited has provided cities, counties, and corporations with custom trail design and building services. We help you create and properly manage all types of biking, OHV and hiking trails, including motorized and non-motorized.

So where do you begin? The process starts with an on-site assessment of your trail(s). Based on legal or corporate needs, service can include a formal lecture, hands-on trail equipment training, and a series of training modules to help you build and manage the most sustainable trail possible.

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Our hiking trail consultants help make government- and private-owned hiking and biking trails both functional and scenic. Trails Unlimited works with managers of public and private trails, as well as handles all aspects of the project from training to construction. You receive the complete package when you work with us.

Over the years, we have fulfilled the needs of multiple agencies with diverse trail activities and managements. After studying our competition, we have found that the variety of services we provide is what gives us an edge. We even consult with other trail experts to provide our clients with the best products available.