About Us

Trails Unlimited founder Cam Lockwood has worked for the federal government for more than 40 years and, currently, is retired. He is moving into his own consulting company to provide private consulting services for trail development and management.

Cam is considered one of the “Old Ones.” He and his team of retired and current trail experts have decades of experience in “On the Ground” problem solving of difficult trail design, construction, maintenance, and reconstruction situations.

Cam Lockwood is a founding member of the National Trail Training Partnership (NTTP). In addition, he is a Master Performer for trails and was a member of the US Forest Service National Core Team for Trails.

Trails Unlimited has helped write the National Trail Contracts, Standards, and Drawings. We have also helped with the production of several trail program videos and “Tech Tips” Technical Papers. Trails Unlimited has developed a series of Training Modules with detailed manuals, exercises, and field applications.

Your Trails Are Our Concern

Our trail assessment services are available to any organization that provides public or private trails. We have more than 40 years of experience working from Florida and Alaska to Maine and all over the world. Our staff has experience with all areas and terrain, from rocky to swampy, along with arid, tropical, mountain, arctic, and permafrost.